Day School Curriculum

Curriculum Guide for 2 year classes
Curriculum Guide for 3 year classes
Curriculum guide for 4 and KT classes

General Curriculum

  • ART: Each age group is provided a variety of art activities during the school year to help him enjoy his own special creativity. Painting includes water colors, finger paint, and tempera paint. “Play-­doh” and clay are also used as well as construction paper, glue, scissors, and other craft material.
  • MUSIC: Music is enjoyed by each age group. Each child has a chance to play rhythm instruments and practice body movement. The older children are also exposed to different kinds of dance. Music instruction is provided Monday through Friday.
  • SPANISH: Spanish is taught once a week to 4 year old and K­T children. The lesson is reinforced with work sheets & music.
  • SCIENCE: The science program for the 4 year old and K­T children is offered twice a month. Scientific concepts and experimentation are explored.
  • FIELD TRIPS: The 4 year old and K­T children have approximately 2 field trips per year. We do not have activities for 2 & 3 year old children which require them to leave the school grounds. Instead, they are treated to several in­school visits by fireman, policemen, etc.
  • MUSEUM: The children enjoy visits form a “live animal” program contracted through the Arkansas Museum of Science and History on a monthly basis.
  • CHAPEL: The 4 year old and K­T children have a service twice weekly. This includes a story aimed at a child’s understanding, recitation of the Lord’s Prayer and music. The 3 year old classes attend chapel weekly beginning second semester.
  • PLAYGROUND: Each class has a daily scheduled playground period. Our equipment gives ample opportunity for growth in gross motor skill development and imaginative play. During inclement weather, the children use the Youth Hall for indoor activities.
  • LIBRARY: Our in-house children’s library is used by all classes. 4 year and K­T children have formal library presentations twice monthly.